Data Protection Training

Simple. Effective. Flexible.
And even fun.

Web-Based Data Protection Trainings

Would you like to use online data protection courses, but would prefer not to make them yourself? They should be easy to set up, not blow your budget, and maybe even be fun? Yes, data protection trainings can even be fun.

We offer easy-to-use e-learning systems for your employees. The data protection training courses can easily be completed online; no downloads or software installations necessary. At the end of the general data protection training participants take a test and receive a certificate confirming that they have received data protection training (of course based on the GDPR), which your company can document.

We offer a “normal” online data protection training course for raising employee awareness of general data protection measures. The course covers all legal requirements and can be used immediately. We also offer a premium version if you want a customized training.

We also have a separate information online on specific topics: Information on order processing (including test questions and download of a sample contract) as well as entertaining information on dealing with data breaches. Ask us about it.

General Data Protection Training

Neutral design, suitable for all kinds of companies

12 months (prolongation possible)

to be organised by yourself

Text template for e-mail invitations can be provided

Participants download their PDF certificate, print it out and submit it e.g. to the HR department

flexible, can be increased even after conclusion of contract

PC or Tablet PC, Internet connection, latest browser version, PDF viewer

simple procedure ensuring compliance with legal requirements

reasonable cost

legally compliant

Here you can find a brief summary of the differences between the basic and premium version.


– When you want a little extra

  • Integration of your logo and company name, incl. individual subdomain
  • Either texts and visuals are provided by you or are created by fox-on; individual content possible depending on requirements (at extra cost)
  • 12 months (prolongation possible)
  • All-inclusive no-worries package: fox-on takes care of participant administration including e-mail invitations, reminder e-mails, sending lists with overall results to the HR department.

PDF certificate for participants to print out themselves, and additionally:

  • E-mail confirmation to e.g. personnel department
  • Participant lists are kept by fox-on
  • flexible, can be increased even after conclusion of contract
  • PC or Tablet PC, Internet connection, latest browser version, PDF viewer
  • Participant management by fox-on
  • High identification among employees through personalisation for your company
  • Content and visual customisation possible in almost all areas (on request, at additional costs)

Why not give us a try:

Test our general data protection training now: free of charge and no strings attached.

You will immeadiately receive log-in data via e-mail.

If you are interested in our trainings on order-processing and data breaches let us know. We are happy to send you information and screenshots.


„Good training, enough variety and good mix with questions to improve learning curve.“

Jop Voorhoeve, Qorvo Inc.

„I thought the memory games were very good and stimulated interest.“

James Mackay


We calculate the price of our online data protection training depending on the number of your employees (starting at 51 users you receive graduated prices).

Contact us and we will inform you promptly about what your training will cost depending on the desired version and number of participants.